Travelling on the tunes of my favourite songs

A few days ago I thought about a travel through my most beloved tunes, also because of two friends of mine who are going to travel in the States along the path of blues. So let’s start with some musical suggestions.

The first song is a timeless classic: Penny Lane by The Beatles. That’s Liverpool – which I deeply love – but far away from the centre. I have seen people arriving in Albert Dock and asking where was Penny Lane, and then amaze when some Liverpudlian would answer “it’s not here”. Penny Lane is a street full of quietness. There are people who imagine some kind of huge memorial for the Fab Four… nothing could be further form the truth! The street has been the same as seen by John and Paul, and it’s close to Newcastle Road, right where Mr Lennon used to live.


The second song comes with a taste of indie. It’s Toulouse by the Zebda, a hymn to a this town which made of its cultural melting pot its true richness. Listening to this song will put you in touch with the warmth and the mix of people as it is in this Occitan town.


Now I would like to take you in Ireland, but finding the right song is an almost impossible task, since so much has been sang about the Emerald Isle. I will get some help from that great sport which is rugby, and offer you the most important national anthem of the Six Nation tournament: Ireland’s Call, the true Irish anthem, the one which goes beyond any difference, if political, social, cultural or religious. Only for rugby matches Eire and Ulster come as a whole nation and this song, which tells about the four proud provinces of Ireland, never fails to touch me.


From Ireland to Brittany, or Breizh as it is called in Memorie di Breizh by the Italian band Folkabbestia.


And now I am leaving the wonderful French coast and Europe to fly directly to Cuba. To say Cuba is to say rhythm, and Chan Chan by Company Segundo will guide you through the island. It talks about a real route and offers incredible travel tips.


I want to end this trip oversea and my friends’ US tour is coming back to my mind, and there can’t be a journey in the Southern States without Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, don’t you agree?


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