A few tips for the perfect luggage (for her)

Are you planning a long journey? Whatever your destination may be, the codeword is just one: lightness. And to stay light, you have to carry as few items as possible, all perfectly matchable among each other.

Have a few tests about colours and length (do not undervalue this point!) before leaving and you will avoid some terrible surprises. Maybe a man can afford to travel with just a bunch of colourful shorts and hawaiian shirts. Not a woman.

Personally I always stand for sober hues and monochrome, bichrome at most, always and everywhere. This makes it far more simple to organize my travel luggage with white, black, beige and blue clothes. If you are in love with colours, this will make things slightly more complicated, but it just takes a few moments more of consideration. Be brave and try all possible combination, but be sure that all “ups” match with all the “downs” (or almost).


Let’s talk about holidays, so think about a (long) summer trip as an example.


  •     t-shirts, undershirts and tops as many as you can fit
  •     white shirt with long sleeves
  •     waterproof windbreaker
  •     pashmina scarf (you can use colours here) against air condition and breezes, and to enrich your evening dress


  •     shorts and miniskirts as many as you can fit
  •     a pair of jeans
  •     capri trousers, black or blue
  •     sarongs


  •     light dresses that do not need ironing and which you can wear by night and day (to make some difference between night and day you will have accessories and jewellery)

Room-saving tips:

  •     foldable slippers (just wrap them up and put them in a bag): they will save you after a whole evening on heels and will complete a casual attire
  •     sarongs, if needed, also work as beach towel, so you can avoid to carry along a huge towel which can usually to be found in the hotel room, or you could buy a cheap one once there

Beauty case:

  •     Multipurpose items, like serum, which can be used under the suncream if antioxidant or instead of the visage after-sun if moisturising. Essential during long air fares!
  •     “Two in one”: makeup remover for face and eyes, moisturising cream day and night, shampoo and hair conditioner, moisturising oil for face and hair…

A light bag with some free room will allow you to pack up your purchases. In any case, better to add a foldable bag to be used during the flight back home as extra luggage.

Have a nice journey, ladies!

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