Four unmissable experiences in Seville

Andalusia‘s main town is a place full of charm and magnetism. It gathers the best of the Spanish region’s lifestyle, cooking, traditions, and has a vibrant nightlife, often lighten up by the tunes of flamenco. Seville offers romantic Medieval architectures, hidden squares filled by the scent of orange blossoms and party-loving crowds to mix up with.

On the other side, this town may appear quite expensive if compared to the rest of Andalusia – with average hotel rooms costing up to 80 euros per night. Still, there are many reasons to spend a visit to Seville, and the following are just a few of them.

Have a walk in the Parque de Maria Luisa and Plaza de España


The park is in the middle of a wide area south of the old tobacco factory, which has been renovated for the international fair in 1929. Grandiose palaces have been built to embellish the area and this marvellous park has been created on the once steps of San Telmo Palace: an enchanted Moresque garden with fountains, pavilions, benches and ponds. At the park’s edge is Plaza de España, a combination of Art Deco and Neomudéjar.

Eat some tapas at Bodega Santa Cruz


Located in Calle Mateos Gago, not far from Seville’s Cathedral, this charming restaurant is among the most popular in town and is always crowded with visitors. An excellent choice for a quick break with tapas y cerveza in a rustic but comfortable environment.

Visit Seville’s Cathedral and Columbus’ tomb


For the monument-lovers, the Cathedral offers an unforgettable display of Gothic art. Built to show the town’s wealth after the reconquista against the Arabs in 1248, this is the largest Gothic church in the world – the fourth largest overall. Behind the southern gate lies Christopher Columbus’ tomb, a refined monument with symbols of the four Spanish kingdoms at the time of his journey to Western Indies.

Enjoy a flamenco exhibition


This ancient andalusian is not just a kind of dance, it comprises an instrumental part performed by a guitar, a vocal part and the peculiar hand clapping. The usual places where performers can be seen are theatres, dancing halls and stages, but it is not uncommon to run into a spontaneous exhibition in night clubs or squares during the major celebrations.

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