How To Become a Travel Blogger For Thinking Nomads

Have you ever thought about becoming a Guest Blogger? Do you have a travel story, a working / volunteering experience abroad, or just a photo / video, a dream that you always wanted to share with the world?

If the answer is YES,  you are in the right place: every week we publish guest posts chosen from those sent by our readers. Send an email to [email protected] and you could become one of our “Official” Guest Bloggers.

Join our team

Thinkingnomads welcomes whoever is travel addicted wishing to share his/her experiences with our readers

The features or regular formats published are:

  • Travel experiences
  • Suggestions on travelling topics
  • Travel diaries
  • Reported exhibitions and shows all over the world

If you think you have a suitable article, send to [email protected]: it will be checked by our team and, if accepted,  it will be published on the site.

Requirements and guidelines:

  • 400- 800 words length article.
  • You must be able to write well, checking grammar and style. The aim is to catch and keep the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end.
  • No duplicate information unless you are adding a great deal of new information.
  • Must be able to provide your own high quality photographs or search for Creative Commons pictures. (Max width is 800 pixels no more than 300kB).

Why to Apply:

  • All the authors are accredited to our Guest Bloggers section, with a bio box included that will have information about yourself and your social media profile links.
  • Exposure: readers know who you are and where to read your articles. Thinkingnomads is one of the most well known and appreciated travel blogs: thousands of readers are following the site every day and our readership is growing. A great opportunity to be known and be appealing to new readers for your own blog.
  • The most keen and prolific authors will be considered for future opportunities and for blog tours or media trips.


By publishing articles on, you agree that the articles will be on for the life of the website. The text may be edited for any grammatical, spelling errors or structure. Links may be removed or added at anytime within the article.

No sponsored links will ever be added on the text of your article without your permission. Any pictures will still hold full copyright to you but will remain on for the life of the website. They will not be modified in any way unless requested or asked to do minor improvements. The pictures will not be used anywhere else outside of the article unless requested.

Thinkingnomads is not responsible for publishing, pasting of the articles by people outside thinkingnomads staff.

For any question, suggestion, write to us: [email protected]