Where to go for a sunny winter time on the beach

Winter may still have a firm hold on our homeland, but many travellers already yearn for sunny beaches and hot weather. So here are a few hints about which could be the best beaches to enjoy the summer all year long.

Madeira (Portugal)

This charming island in the Atlantic Ocean already bloomed in all its beauty by now. Especially nature-lovers and trekkers will like it here. Water temperature may be a bit cool with 18 degrees centigrade, but a swim in the Atlantic is still really enjoyable.


Gran Canaria (Spain)

There is no such a thing as winter in the Canary Islands. The sun enlightening the renowned dunes at Maspalomas warms the air up to 27 degrees centigrade, while ti Ocean greets the swimmers with 19 degrees.


Hurghada (Egypt)

Europeans’ most popular holiday destination, Egypt, never fails to warm up bodies and spirit. March is spent in the shadow, with no less then 30 usual degrees, and the Red Sea offers its waves to snorkeling and diving with about 20-23 degrees.


Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)

Still on the Red Sea, still hot weather and enjoyable sea breezes. The Sinai Peninsula doesn’t just offer grat beaches and mild temperatures, it is also surrounded by stunning landscapes.


Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

The town rised from the desert, an endless juxtapposition of contrasts, a wealthy paradise built by forgotten foreign workers and now inhabited by foreign corporations, warmly greeted by Sheikh Mohammed, the absolute ruler of Dubai. A journey in this pearl of the UAE is definitely something for luxus seekers.

Dubai Marina (Different Wave Photography)

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