Langhe and Liguria – In Italy Through the Ancient and Beautiful Salt Road

An oasis of quiet and stillness on the coastline of the Italian region Liguria. A place enchanted by silence, peace, and by the idillic landscapes of a village surrounded by the green of the trees and the blue of the sea. These is the ancient salt road from Piedmont to Liguria, the stage our discovery journey into Italy’s stunning beauty.

The salt road is a historical trade route by which essential goods were transported and exchanged, first of all salt, from Liguria to the Padana Plain. Some of these routes connected the Ligurian coastline to the Piedmontese mountains. During our travel, we explored these routes starting from the Langhe and arriving to Savona‘s coast, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the delicious culinary tradition.

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  1. Ciao, we are moving near to the Alta Langhe from the UK. We are very interested in your route on the old salt roads from the Langhe to Savona. it would be great to hear more about your journey. Please can you email.

    Grazie Mille


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