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Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands consisting of four provinces: Chania, Rethimno, Heraklion and Lasithi.

The island is a popular destination due to its blue seas, pleasant beaches and the distinct reminiscence of its ancient culture from the Roman and Turkish empires. The wide variety of landscapes makes it a popular destination for tourism. There is no shortage of activities on this island; to be sure that you experience them all, arrange to rent a car in Crete prior to traveling around.


Mythological and historical stories are a very poignant part of Crete’s ambience. Visitors will find an abundance of sites to visit and explore, all of which have their own interesting story. Take a wonder through the old Palace of Knossos, covered by frescos and ceramics. Equally as impressive is a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, here you will find an extensive collection of Minoan art and history.

For the fan of Greek mythology, Crete is definitely a place for you to visit. It was birthplace to the gods, historical heroes, poets, radical ancient figures and is full of artefacts. There are spectacular caves across the island all of which were focal points used to worship the Gods, such as the ‘Cave of Zeus’. It was believed that this particular cave was the hiding place of the infant Zeus providing him with protection from his father Cronus.

If you are looking for family friendly attractions, look no further than the Crete aquarium. You’ll find it located on the edge of a former U.S. air force station, its hosts over 2,500 specimens from over 200 species of fish in the Mediterranean.

The island has over 600 miles of coastline providing countless beaches, caves and coves to be enjoyed. A recommended trip to take is a drive down to Vai or Balos where the beaches are formed of pure white sand and complimented by crystal clear waters. Crete is also home to the ‘Mediterranean diet’, endorsed by many as one of the healthiest in Greece. Sample and enjoy some of the island cuisines at a tavern located by the sea, on the menu you’ll find dishes such as stuffed vine leaves, fresh deep fried squid or honey tasting baklava.

The best way to discover the island is by renting a car in Crete: this way you can reach places not accessible with public transports and it is definitely a more comfortable way to travel.

If you are looking for somewhere to relax and soak up the sun, then Crete is definitely the place for you!

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