Malta – A Treasure Island in the Middle of the Mediterranean

Malta an unforgettable destinations not just because of its romantic capital La Valletta, but also thanks to the many available activities on the main island and on the secondary ones, as Gozo and Camino. These activity include mountain bike, climbing, diving, segway, trekking… even cooking lessons and wine tasting. And some of these options are also quite cheap!

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La Valletta is a lively city, welcoming and enriched by a mix of different cultures. The Maltese language has its roots in Arabic, Romance and English. 150 years of British rule imposed the second official language on the island, but before that Italy‘s cultural influence left its heritage over the Maltese culture and language.

The best way to enjoy La Valletta is to discover it slowly, walking through its alleys, squares and streets, and drinking a Cisk – the popular local beer – in one of the many historical pubs which are to be found in any corner of the town. At the harbour it is possible to rent a dghajsa – a traditional kind of boat – and for just six euros a sailor will lead you along the island’s coastline.

Another unmissable sight is Vittoriosa (also called Birgu), a small village located on one of the three peninsulas showing over Malta’s Porto Grande (“Main Harbour”), one of the less known island’s attractions and at the same time one of the most charming.

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  1. Dropping by the island of Gozo is an absolute must if you’re going on a trip to Malta. It may be a small country but Malta is truly beautiful and it has something to offer for every kind of tourist. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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