How To Have A Unique Destination Wedding

Getting married and legalizing your bond can be so amazing. Wedding is the time when you get unlimited attention from the people around, so why not take advantage of that. But if the idea of having a traditional ceremony doesn’t excite you, then maybe it’s time you start planning a destination wedding. Trust me, exchanging vows with a few special people around, under the moon, surrounded by the ocean – will definitely turn out to be the best moment of your life.

Destination weddings usually comprise of the couple, the families, close bunch of friends and a few special invites. It’s an increasing trend that gives the couples an opportunity to exchange vows at a dream location. Las Vegas, San Diego, Cleveland, and Ohio are some of the most popular wedding locations.


As a couple, when you are deciding upon a wedding destination, think about your personalities. Understand what your common interests are. Come up with creative ideas that fit your budget and decide upon a perfect location. Consider places that have a special place in your heart. The place where you both first met or the place where he proposed you for marriage. Or, a location where you both have always dreamt of going but couldn’t.

Search through the internet and get exotic wedding ideas that suit your interest. It can be a wedding cruise or something as amusing as a theme park. And why not, they conduct a lot of weddings every year and they are anything but traditional.
Search for locations like forests or wildlife preserves, sailboats, cruise, beaches, bridge, or something like a hot air balloon or sky diving. Plan your reception at places like an old mansion, a beach, yacht, theater, vineyard, or a historical landmark.

No matter where you decide to get married, the wedding organizers there will make sure that they provide you with an ultimate wedding day experience. With all the lovely decorations, arrangements, bride pampering, catering, and ceremonies – your friends and families are simply going to love it.

A destination wedding gives you an opportunity to express yourself. It’s different and it’s unique. If you want the experience to be unique with a ceremony that’s different from the traditional way, arrange for an exotic wedding. It can be as simple or as lavish as you’d like. Have you ever thought about an underwater wedding?

Besides everything, planning a destination wedding is much easier and cost-effective than a traditional wedding. It’s like a reunion! If it’s a destination wedding, you ought to be there at least a couple of days in advance. How often do you get to spend so much time with your sweetheart, friends, and long lost cousins during a wedding that’s full of activity?

Things To Keep In Mind

I suppose you must have made up your mind by now about your dream wedding. The first thing that you need to do is get in touch with a professional wedding planner in your town.  Better, if you can manage to do it all by yourself. But why take the stress when the planners can do it for you!

If you’re thinking about a skydiving wedding or for that matter any destination wedding – you need to book it a couple of months in advance. Since they are outdoor weddings, they are pretty much dependant on the weather.

Make sure you come up with a wedding theme that blends well with the location. For instance, if it’s a beach wedding, you do not want your guests to turn up in their flowing gowns wearing footwear that’s terribly uncomfortable on the sand. Choose light fabrics with fewer layers for a perfect beach theme!

For any place that you choose as your wedding destination, you’ll have to make advance reservations, like you’d have done for any other wedding location.

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