Relaxing or Adventure Cruise? Why not Both

You’re planning your next trip and can’t decide whether to make it an adventure trip or a simple, relaxing cruise. Good news– you can enjoy the best of both worlds on some cruises! This stellar form of travel is an invitation to try all kinds of activities, so you should keep your eye open for them when scouting for cruise deals.


Sea kayaking in Croatia

If you’re out exploring the shores of the Mediterranean by boat and are looking for adventure in the waters, you can try some kayaking in the sea of Croatia.

The coastline of Croatia is a real treat to kayak in. You can paddle around 1 200 islands. At least 70 of these are inhabited, and, as well as experiencing adventure, it’s the chance to see a little culture. Each island helps you to build a picture and fuller sense of Croatia’s location between the Balkans and Central Europe.


A climb in Corsica

When it comes to the hidden gems of travel, the scope for climbing in Corsica is one of them. More than 50 summits in Corsica pass the 6 560 feet (2 000 meters) mark. The mountains of Corsica also offer challenge. There are rocky scrambles to test even the most skilled climbers, and if that’s not even you can pit yourself against ice climbs. Some specialists like to climb the cliffs, but lose your footing and you’ll plunge into the sea below– it’s a long way down.


Kite surfing in Spain

If your cruise happens to pass through the southern port of Tarifa, in Spain, you can get your adrenaline pumping with some kite surfing. This town that sits on the Strait of Gibraltar is a popular place for kite surfers, all seizing on the winds that run through the strait to get their dose of surf action. A non-windy day here doesn’t have to be a day wasted here either: you can jump on a catamaran and head over to Tangiers, Morocco, and do a little exploration.

Diving in the Caribbean

It’s all about the sea in the Caribbean. You’d be mad not to take advantage of the warm waters and do a little diving. It’s as close to paradise as you’re ever going to get. The ‘ABC Island’ of Aruba hits the spot if you’re looking for wreck diving. Out in the Bahamas, if you have the mettle you can go diving with hammerhead sharks, or you can opt for the Dominican Republic and go diving with the gentler humpback whales.


Outdoor adventure in Alaska

A cruise to Alaska is an invitation to all sorts of adventure and is particularly good for exploring the outdoors. You can trek the landscapes with the glaciers in the background, take to a kayak and paddle past the icebergs or just take photos of penguins and whales. When you’re feeling up for extra adventure, there’s also scope to do some cross country skiing.

The world is packed with adventure if you just step off the ship and grab it. From inspiring scenery to exhilarating excursions and activities, the choice is yours. Dare to experience them and broaden your horizons!

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  1. I could not agree more with the general idea behind this article! I was hesitant to go on a cruise along Alaska’s coastline through the Inside Passage. I can truly say it was one of the most beautifully scenic experiences of my life! I also managed to mix in a few exciting activities like hiking glaciers and flying over fields and rivers of glittering ice. I hope that your article is able to inspire people to take a cruise and enjoy the benefits of both the comfort of the cruise and the beauty of the landscape.

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