Tips For Sailing in Croatia

Did you realise that Croatia is the perfect spot for a sailing holiday? This country has a long, dreamy coastline on the Adriatic Sea that is dotted with beaches, islands and unspoilt historic towns.

Whether you are an expert sailor or a bit of a landlubber, there is nothing to stop you from getting out and exploring this gorgeous part of the world in a way that suits you. What about the following for a stunning Croatian sailing itinerary?


This wonderful city is the ideal starting point for any trip to Croatia. It is steeped in history and has some stunning attractions for you to take in. The promenade is an ideal place to start your journey, as you soak up the sunshine and the bustle of Croatia’s second biggest city. This is a deeply cultural city with a proud heritage of music, art and cinema. You will find plenty to do before you are ready to set sail on the first leg your trip.

Solta Island

An easy way to get started is to head over to Solta Island. The main attraction here is the pretty village of Maslenica. The ferry takes only an hour to travel the 9 nautical miles separating the island from Split, so even a novice sailor shouldn’t take too long to reach the island. Here, you will see vineyards and olive groves, as well as the fisherman who carry on the islander’s traditional occupation.

Vis Island

Vis Town is located on the island of the same name. Just a short sail from Solta, this is more of a hidden gem, as not many tourists have discovered it yet. The wonderfully well-preserved buildings, the secret bays and the laidback pace make it perfect for taking life easy. It feels a little bit like a land lost in time, so you will soon feel relaxed and far from the stresses of modern life.


If you have the time to head south to Dubrovnik then you shouldn’t miss it out. Thankfully, you can stop in delightful places like Makaraska on the way down. This is a lively port in a natural harbour and with lots of bars and restaurants for you to check out. The imposing mountains behind the town make it look picture-perfect as you arrive by boat.

Mljet Island

This is a chance to get close to nature in a National Park that has stunning lakes, cycle paths and a range of other sporting activities for you to enjoy. The island is largely covered in forest and most tourists head to Pomena. Legend has it that Odysseus lived here during his famous journey. You can even visit the cave where he was apparently shipwrecked.

Mljet croatia


Just a couple of hours from Mljet, this world-famous city is the perfect place to finish your sailing tour of Croatia. Among its many outstanding buildings are places that will make Games of Thrones fans rush for their cameras. Time your arrival well and you could catch one of the famous music festivals, parades or concerts that the city is known for.


Renting a Boat

The natural beauty and charm of Croatia is so easy to explore on a sailing trip that anyone with the sea spirit running through them should definitely check it out. The popularity of this activity means that renting a boat here is easy.

Don’t miss the chance to see one of the prettiest parts of Europe in a highly flexible and memorable way.

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