Things to do in Hong Kong in less than 24h

With a very short time and so much to see in Hong Kong, you will probably be overwhelmed and unsure of how to make the best out of your trip. Therefore, we asked fellow travel bloggers of eTramping, Agness and Cez, to guide you through the city of shopping malls, dim sum and skyscrapers.

They will share with you top five ways to enjoy the best that Hong Kong has to offer. Pick your favorite ones or go for them all and make your one day visit to Hong Kong the most memorable adventure of your trip to China!


Begin Your Day Traditionally

When in Hong Kong, you have to try dim sum. They are traditional, bite-sized portions that feature all different types of dishes. If you’re looking for sweet, sour, or salty dishes that include practically any type of traditional Cantonese food, you’ll enjoy this lovely way of eating!


Head to Dim Sum Square in Sheung Wan.  The prices here are very reasonable and the food is homemade and authentic!

Catch the Best Views

Whether you’re heading from Kowloon to Hong Kong or vice versa, you cannot miss taking the Star Ferry to cross Victoria Harbour.  You’ll find this as the optimal way to catch the fantastic skyline of Hong Kong. The trip is actually circular, taking you around the harbor with two stops in Hong Kong, at the Central Pier and Wan Chai Pier. You can choose to get off where you wish (choose Central if you’re heading to Dim Sum Square), or take the trip the whole way around. The company was founded back in the late 1800s, and now is the proud owner of 12 double-decked ‘Star’ ferries that cross the harbor every day, carrying over 20 million passengers per year.


To buy tickets in the Kowloon, head to the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier.  If you’re embarking in the Hong Kong, head to either of the Star Ferry piers at Central or Wan Chai. This iconic symbol of Hong Kong’s waterway costs only HK$2.50 during the week and HK$3.40 on the weekend to be on the top deck and thus get the best view.

Visit the Everything Neighborhood

The area of Stanley, although a bit out of the way, offers some beautiful views and a relaxed and international atmosphere. Head into this neighborhood and see the rich history behind it. You need to visit the Stanley Market, and dine in some of the wonderful restaurants. Don’t forget to check online for any upcoming events, such as the annual dragon boat festival! Plan to spend at least a couple of hours here.


Hit a Museum

Located in Kowloon, about 15 minutes walk from the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station, the Hong Kong Museum of History pulls you into the story of this constantly evolving city. The modern glass exterior welcomes you inside and beckons you to learn more about the story of a city that is ever-growing and ever-changing. The halls lead you through eight different galleries that explain the archeological and natural adaptations throughout the area, captivating you with engaging multimedia presentations. You’ll be spirited away to a time when life was much simpler in China, viewing entire replicas of ancient villages, and then whisked back to the present and the modern story of this bustling city.

Buddha Statue

To make the most of your time in the Museum of History, spend less time in the geological and neolithic history and skip ahead to the featured historical periods. The museum is open from 10AM to 6PM on weekdays, but is closed on Tuesdays. Entrance is free, although special exhibitions do have a fee. Plan to spend at least a couple of hours here, but you will want to spend more!

You won’t have time to see all of these museums, but the three options below let you choose what you’re interested in. All of these museums are located in Kowloon (TST), so keep that in mind when planning your day.

The Hong Kong Museum of History is fantastic way to really explore the history of this beautiful city. It is a fascinating museum that will captivate you with multimedia that engages, leading you all the way through the ancient dynasties to the modern culture of this intrepid place. Hong Kong Maritime Museum and the Hong Kong Space Museum are also interesting in their own ways, and each will take about one hour to see.


Live up the Night

The Symphony of Lights show, starting at 8:00PM and lasting for 15 minutes, is the largest sound and light show on earth. It is the combined work of the lights that belong to over 30 of the grand buildings that line the Victoria Harbour.

The beautiful oriental style music is projected in a few specific places, although if you can’t be in these places you can also tune into the radio or call with a mobile. Two wonderful ways to see and hear the presentation would be the promenade on the TST side of the harbor, or alternatively with the harbor cruises that offers a special tour for the Symphony of Lights.


The enchanting music runs in perfect harmony with the lights dancing across the sky, and is like a peek into the present and past of the city, a celebration of its rise to prominence from its humble beginnings. Although lasting only 15 minutes, this show will touch your heart as it travels through its different phases, bringing together the meaning of Hong Kong and its residents, both of old and of now, and shedding light on this wonderful culture. It is an experience that cannot be missed!

So are you ready for your Hong Kong experience now?

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  1. I’m heading to Hong Kong once again in 10 days and I can’t wait to get into a huge plate of dim sum!! 🙂 Thank you guys for having me here. It’s been a real pleasure to share my tips on exploring Hong Kong with your readers.

  2. Thanks Agness: your tips for Hong Hong are definitely helpful and the post is a pleasant read. Have a nice trip to Hong Kong

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