Comino and Gozo – Peace and Quite on Two Wonderful Maltese Islands

Ever heard abou Comino or Gozo? But you know for sure the country these two islands are part of: Malta.

Comino and Gozo are part of the Maltese archipelago. They are stunning beautiful, as in a postcard, where the waters’ cobalt blue stands out against the rocks’ light brown on the coast and the intense blue of the sky. Untouched nature, peace and quite are to be found in these islands in the middle of the Mediterranean.



The smallest of the two islands, it’s practically unpopulated. There are only four inhabitants: a priest, a policeman and two janitors. The only hotel is always fully booked over the summer, so you better avoid July and August if you want to visit Comino: during any other season you will find a deserted, wild and mysterious place at its full charm.

Comino, Malta

Blue Lagoon is the island’s most popular corner: crystal clear water and white sand make it a true paradise for sea lovers. Here you can dive, snorkel and surf, or just have a relaxing boat trip. The many paths crossing Comino offer a good alternative to the sea for trekkers and walkers and the trails are well signalised.

Comino, Malta

To get here from Malta there are frequent ferries sailing from Cirkewwa.


Another wonderful island, with clear waters and one of the most charming coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Have you ever seen through a natural window in the rock? That’s exactly what Azure Window is about, a natural window over the sea. This interesting formation is in Dwejra Bay, on the island’s western coast. Unmissable!

Gozo, Malta

Among the many activities available in Gozo there are kayaking, mountain biking, trekking and climbing: the latter for sure one of the most exciting of all, since it takes you linked to a rope cliff faced over the sea.

Gozo, Malta

Have a walk and lose your way through the small villages on the island, you will find yourself in a long forgotten time of peace and quite, where the absence of even the slightest hint of criminality makes Gozo a unique destination in its kind. And have a stop in Victoria, Gozo’s main town. The most interesting part of it is the Citadel, and ancient town from whose walls you can enjoy a 360° sight of the whole island.

Victoria - Gozo, Malta

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  1. Is it weird that I really want to go to Malta mostly because I have a Maltese dog? These pictures are beautiful and Malta sounds like a wonderful destination.

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