Nightlife in New York City – How to Have Fun in the Big Apple

Enjoying a movie is pretty easy if there are all kind of spectacular scenes and a couple of highly valued protagonists. Loving a book isn’t hard, if the author is one of the greatest writer of the American Jazz Age. Falling in love with a town through a movie or a book is just natural if the story’s set is New York City.

  New York City, USA

Of course many of you have seen or read The Great Gatsby, and you have probably felt like living Manhattan through Jay Gatsby’s incredible parties, driving at high speed with Nick Carraway or sporting an amazing dress Daisy-style. The Jazz Age was an exciting time, but fun in New York City didn’t stop there, the town has still much to offer to its party-goers visitors.

If you are looking for late time amusement, cocktails and flashy lights, there are many popular dance clubs hosting the greatest techno, deep house and R&B DJs. Some of them are the Cielo Club in the Meatpacking District, the Pacha in Hell’s Kitchen and the Touch in the Theatre District. But if you prefer to avoid the messy crowds you may prefer a more balanced location, where you can have a few drinks, chat among friends, dine and hit the dance floor without having to fight for some room. A few spots of this kind are to be found in the Meatpacking District: the Ajna Bar is the old Buddha Bar and still sports the huge statue in the middle of the room; the Standard Hotel’s rooftop is a meeting place for fashion industry’s representatives; and the Revel is a Made in Italy resto-lounge-bar with a large internal garden, offering a great in and outdoor atmosphere. If you have some taste for Middle East, Le Souk in the Greenwich Village offers an incredible tangerine feeling, with lanterns and Moroccan candleholders.

Le Souk, Greenwich Village - Manhattan, New York (USA)

For passionates about arts, there are many events linked with art galleries – especially painting and photography – as popular vernissages usually ending as cocktail parties frequented by artists and college students. Do not try to figure out boring evening spent in front of obscure pictures and sculptures. The PR agencies always do their best to make this happenings as pleasant as possible. The area where you can find most of these events are Chelsea and Soho, but also the new galleries in Brooklyn are achieving great importance.

I am sure even Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway and Daisy Buchanan would love to spend their time in the places I described you. So, don’t worry… and have fun!

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  1. Great suggestions for NYC! I have been to New York a number of times and I still have not been able to properly go out. Le Souk looks like a really cool bar to visit.


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