Run from the Cold – Best Getaways For Winter Sun

Chances are if you live anywhere in the Western hemisphere (particularly Britain!) you’ve looked out of your window at some point this week and thought ‘how depressing’. Drizzly rain and biting cold winds aren’t many people’s idea of a good time.

Every year we try and convince ourselves that this weather is ‘Christmassy’, but the fact is that the only day this argument works is Christmas Day, when we don’t have to go outside. So why not consider getting away this year and catching some rays? We consider the best places to visit for some winter sun.


Australia is one of the all-time most popular destinations for winter sunshine – particularly for the so-called Aussie Christmas! This is largely because the height of their summer conveniently falls in the middle of our winter. The country enjoys temperate temperatures all year round, falling to only about 18 degrees in mid-winter and achieving a comfortable 21-30 degrees in summer – perfect!

It can be a surreal experience spending Christmas in Australia – hearing shouts of ‘happy Christmas!’ in mid-twenties heat is not what those from colder climates are used to. However, you will soon adjust to the relaxed vibe, warm rays and sunbathing on the beach.

All that’s left to do is to fire up the barbie!


Dubai is another popular option for holiday makers looking to spend Christmas in the sun. Like Australia, it enjoys year round high-temperatures, but can in fact become too hot in the summer months for comfort. The winter season is therefore the perfect time to visit with temperatures averaging in the early twenties.

A trip to Dubai can be a good option for those who find the hype and pressure of Christmas in the Western world a bit too much. The country is Muslim, but the official policy of the UAE is to tolerate other religions and festivals. The reality is that in the run up to Christmas many of the hallmarks of Christmas are just as visible in Dubai as they are in other countries – the important difference however is that it is all optional.


If you want to add an Arabic flair to your Christmas, head to Morocco. The country averages around 15 degrees in December, so it’s comfortable but not baking hot. An exotic land full off Kasbahs, rolling desert and spices, this really will be a festive holiday with a difference. If you want hustle and bustle the lively city of Marrakech is the place to go, but for a more sedentary pace head to one of the small picturesque towns such as Chefchaouen.

Bora Bora

Ahhh Bora Bora – nowhere is as picturesque or tailored for relaxation. Imagine spending Christmas in one of the island’s signature ‘floating’ huts looking out over the ocean? December is one of the warmest periods for the island with temperatures averaging a balmy 30 degrees. From swimming in the crystal clear lagoon to enjoying one of island’s many spas this could be the most relaxing Christmas you’ll ever have.


This beautiful little Caribbean island packs a serious punch. Temperatures in December are in the mid-twenties, meaning that it’s comfortable enough to go exploring. To get the most out of Dominica you need to get into the central dense rainforest. Guides can take you to hidden waterfalls, lakes and wild parrots, and you may also receive visits from friendly hummingbirds at your hotel.

The dreary winter weather in the Western hemisphere can be pretty uninspiring. What better excuse to get away this Christmas and enjoy some sun? From Australia to Dominica and Morocco, there are plenty of stunning destinations that experience temperate winter weather. So what are you waiting for?

Do you have any suggestions of destinations for winter sun? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I would definitely suggest if you are chasing the sun and the surf then Australia will give you great choices. There are also many grey summer festivals going on all around the country, and a summer Christmas should be experienced, We however, are running from the sun to the snowfields of Japan, Austria and Switzerland.

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