Journey to Nuremberg – A Photostory of Franconia’s Cultural Centre

A journey to Nuremberg is an extraordinary experience, diving in history and traditions of Franconia‘s economic and cultural centre. Located in Bavaria, Nuremberg is the land’s second largest town after Munich with over half a million of inhabitants. The city centre has been largely rebuilt because of Second World War’s bombings, and the courthouse hosted the Nuremberg War Crime Trials.

Nuremberg is connected by both an underground (U-Bahn) and an overground railway service (S-Bahn). The latter connects the town with major European and German cities, while Nuremberg Airport – about seven kilometres from the town centre – is Bavaria’s second most important airport.

Nuremberg’s city centre includes monuments of high historical and artistic value. Many of them – although been rebuilt after the war – testify the town’s Medieval history. The city walls – XIV and XV century – form two circles: the outer circle is 15 kilometre long, while the inner one just eight.

2 thoughts on “Journey to Nuremberg – A Photostory of Franconia’s Cultural Centre”

  1. We lived in Germany (Weimar) in the early 2000s, and I got to visit Nuremberg on the way home from Munich once. I was quite surprised by how many beautiful medieval buildings still survive. You’ve captured quite a few of them in your post.

  2. I agree with Jaspa, Nuremberg is a little surprise to mee too – even though I am German. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures! It also has a nice christmas market 😉

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