When the Thinking Nomads went to Germany

Hell yeah, we are important people!

So I picked my black jacket – the one I use for weddings and funerals – I bought a new shirt that didn’t look like a Tirolean tablecloth and I took my flatmate’s new shoes without telling him. Once my fine person was clean and shining, I took a plane – damn (I hate flying)! – and together  with Nomad n.1 – good old Marco – we arrived in Berlin to attend the International Tourism Fair.

Well, maybe not really attend. Maybe more ‘roaming from stand to stand looking for free food and drinks, while handing out my new business cards to every pretty girl’. Maybe. But I was in Berlin, European capital for culture, the divided city, street art hub and homeland of curry wurst! And we were midst in town, thanks to AirBnb which sponsored our trip with a fancy flat close to Alexanderplatz.

While Marco shared our blogs’ incredible success with potential sponsors and clients, I discretely took the leave – ‘Going out to buy cigarettes!’ – and spent my time exploring the German capital, from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate, through what’s left of the wall, East Side Gallery included. Then, after almost 25 minutes, I entered a bar where I stayed for the rest of time, drinking beer until I became of the same colour.

Ich bin ein Berliner!

If you want to see more pictures, check ThinkingNomads’ Facebook page!

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