Cottesloe – The Beautiful Seaside Town Just Outside Perth, Western Australia

My friend Steven, whom I’d known from college, had settled south of Perth and knowing him I could see why he enjoyed peaceful Perth. I began to regret coming here to work thinking I’d be bored very quickly since there aren’t that many things to do in Perth and having loved the hustle and bustle of Melbourne.

We arranged to meet up on a Sunday and he picked me up from the Cottesloe train station, a short 20 minute ride from Perth. I instantly saw a new side to Perth and why it attracts so many people. We drove down the main street and the cafes were packed with people enjoying a relaxed Sunday, couples out walking their dogs and kids playing. We parked the car and took a walk down to Cottesloe Beach and although I later found out that it is quieter than in the summer there were still surfers, swimmers and people snorkelling in the crystal blue clear waters, I couldn’t believe how stunning beautiful the place was.

After taking a walk along Cottesloe beach front we grabbed some food and sat on the grass to catch up and enjoy the sunset (Yes it does sound rather romantic, nice to see my friend however with a woman it would have been a pretty special moment!). It was amazing, especially since I’ve never watched the sun set over the water before. Perth is one of the few places in Australia where you can watch the sunset over the ocean.

Once the sun dipped below the horizon it was back to the main street for a nice relaxing drink. Steven took me to the fancy Cottesloe Beach Hotel, very busy and full of what seemed like professionals (stylish suits drinking champagne and the more expensive brands of beer) from the city enjoying a relaxing weekend. 13 dollars a pint is pricey even for Australia but then we were in an upmarket establishment so it was time to move on. We headed around the corner away from the main strip of cafes and restaurants and found a more reasonable priced beer. Everyone was sitting outside in the beer garden, sharing a laugh, dancing to the relaxed tunes or enjoying a snack to eat.

I wasn’t aware of the Aussies love for a Sunday Session however I was hooked, such a nice way to relax with a casual drink, enjoy cool tunes and catch up with friends and I’ll definitely be back to Cottesloe, very beautiful.

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