Trekking in Cinque Terre – A Video from Italian Region Liguria

The Cinque Terre – “five lands” – are a wonderful area located in Italian region Liguria. A charming corner clutched between sea and mountains, through the last decades these five little fishermen villages have become a world renown tourist destination.

People usually figure out Cinque Terre as a perfect postcard with a small village and its peculiar squares where wealthy tourists sip white wine and eat lobsters, but they think far less frequently to their wild side, to the luxuriant parks crossed by the many paths linking every village to the next one, the only sound being the wind and the waves.

Although the five villages are truly beautiful, it’s through these paths that the Cinque Terre express their true magnificent being. In the Cinque Terre National Park trekkers and hikers will experience a deep and touching encounter with this gorgeous region.

While I was roaming in Manarola, one of the Cinque Terre’s historical villages, I was lucky enough to meet by chance Nicola Bordoni, an expert trekkers who has been for many years manager of the local hostel and today keeps being the ultimate reference for outdoor experiences from his headquarters at Cinque Terre Trekking.


In partnership with Regione Liguria, Nicola contributed to the making of this video directed by Alessandro Beltrame. The aim was to show a different way to enjoy Cinque Terre, and at the same time to point out the huge importance of the natural resources to local authorities. Too often, in fact,  the needed preservation works are delayed for financial and organizational reasons, while the park and its paths, the stunning landscape and the tourist facilities may well be the keys for a prosperous future.

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