Pollino’s Timeless Beauty – A Video of the Wild Side of Italy

Two video makers, 40 kilos of equipment, trekking shoes and an adventurous attitude. That’s how the tale of a timeless Italy started in Basilicata, Southern Italy, Angelo Chiacchio and Walter Molfese’s homeland. Both of them saw already many places all over the world, but – how it often happens – they neglected what they had at home.

Pollino is the mountain which overlooks this land, an imposing mountain which awes and at them same time allows to feel at home those born under its shadow. Angelo and Walter’s journey started on august 12, 2013, seven days and six nights to catch – using an innovative technique – the charm of this ancient place, where time is  paced by the rhythm of nature.

The hike towards Crispo Sierra started at Madonna di Pollino, and continued in the woods of Acqua Tremola, where the impressive oaks got involved in the first timelapse recording. The final destination was the Gods’ Garden where the majestic Bosnian pines rest.

Pollino National Park - Italy

During their journey, Angelo and Walter shot over 10.000 photos. Now they want to share their experience with as many people as possible, because the beauty of nature is a common good.

Pollino National Park - Italy
Pollino National Park - Italy

Photo credit: Apt Basilicata e Italia Senza Tempo

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