Taking in Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Glasgow

Glasgow is famous for many things, but perhaps its most renowned inhabitant was Mackintosh, the designer who changed the way we look at the world. His attention to detail lead to a change in the design of the buildings we live in and influenced jewellery designs around the globe. Glasgow ads are full of the things he designed and his creations are still visible in the city to this day.

Heavily influential in the Art Nouveau movement Macintosh originally trained as an architect and this training seems to have influenced much of his work, which you will have seen either on jewellery or buildings. He was influenced by a great many other things however and his attention to detail reflects themes that are present in early Japanese art. The clean lines which run through his art are indicative of the movement which he inspired. The relationship between his designs and his buildings are clear to see, as an artist he enjoyed the simplicity of form and took this to the next level.

Throughout his lifetime he created many prominent pieces but the Glasgow School of Art is the crowning jewel in the Macintosh’s crown. The building still operates as a thriving school to this day, so tours are limited but there are still opportunities to see this masterpiece.

You will have seen some of the designs which were later incorporated into jewellery; the stylistic designs are still popular to this day. Any trip to the city should include a visit to some of his many designs in the city, whether that includes a trip to the museum or a jaunt to one of the shops which still sell his popular designs. Without the influence of this great talent Glasgow would not have the iconic art school or some of its most stunning buildings.

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