How to choose the right travel companion

On this day in the middle of September (why is it still so warm???) whilst listening to the Clash and I’m considering the various ingredients needed to create a good journey. 

One of the most important is the destination itself and then of course the next question: “Who is coming with me?”

Well, below you can find my personal suggestions on how to choose the best travel mate.

There is only a mandatory requirement: clear your head completely and avoid telling yourself lies about any relationship that is binding you to someone in particular. You must do this in order to obtain one of more friends names after going through the check list below:

So, let’s start:

1) Know yourself: understand precisely who you are and where your life is going.

2) Determine exactly the type of journey you’d like to live and what style will it have: it’s quite difficult for an “all inclusive” person to match with someone who loves a sleeping bag more than the entire world.

3) Discover the destination your heart is looking for.

4) Fix the priority: for example you decide to go to Greece, will the beach be your first choice or will you spend your days in search of Greek temples?

5) How much will you spend? Find someone who has a budget identical or similar to yours. There is an entire ocean between a 4 star hotel (my mind refuses to think about 5 star hotels) and a delicious hostel.

6) Balance: If you are a great talker (like me) find someone who loves listening. Otherwise you will take the risk to stay still and silent all the time or annoying your mate.

7) Never underestimate the power of common interests and common intents. This two features could be the lucky stars of your trip and become the locomotive that will trace your travel path.

8) Ask yourself whether you will be able to sleep in the same room with the person you choose. It’s not so obvious. I suggest spending some night together before leaving.You could snore… or your mate does.

9) Never underestimate the potential and the perfection of people you come across during your travels.

10) Never forget that if you are not ok with yourself, nobody will be perfect for you.

So … did you find someone?

Never be afraid to travel alone … because nobody is alone on the road.

Post by Giovy

6 thoughts on “How to choose the right travel companion”

  1. I think these are good tips. It is so important to realize that you could absolutely love someone and end up HATING them as a travel mate.

  2. You’re so right Rease, there is a big difference between seeing a good friend two or three times a week and spending 24/7 with someone while you travel. I know I have some great friends who I love dearly and we have a lot of fun together, but I know I couldn’t travel with them for a long period.

  3. Choosing your travel partner is almost as important as where/when/how you are going to go. They can make a bad destination good (and vice versa). I’ve been blessed with a wonderful travel partner in my wife – and even if the location sucks we have a great time.


  4. Well said, Bryan. I travel mostly alone – I love to hang out with other travellers but I value too much my independence to stick around too long – maybe if I find a good travel partner I will ask her to marry me!

  5. This is great advice. I feel as though it holds true to not only a traveling partner on the road, but also a life partner. It makes me think about my situation as I’m evaluating the relationship I’m in and going to teach abroad as I know only one will be able to happen. Thank you.

  6. I keep trying to tell a friend of mine we’d be awful travel companions, but she seems to have no understanding of this despite how frequently I tell her that if a hotel has even 1 star, it’s more than I’d like to spend. She said anything below 3 would be unacceptable. Yet somehow, she thinks we’d get along…

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