Looking for culture and adventure in Corsica

France’s Mediterranean outpost, Corsica is meant to be a land of many wonders. Wild and beautiful, the third largest island in the Mediterranean is known for its resilient people who have a very strong identity that makes them feel different from the rest of the French people, and who have long claimed independence from the mainland.

In a way, Corsica reminds me of my Sardinia: both belong to a State from which they often claim independence, both are supposed to have a completely different feel from that of the mainland (I can only speak of Sardinia for now, but I am curious to learn more about Corsica).

Corsica nature

Yet, Corsica is also famous for its incredible beaches, its clear waters, its beautiful mountains which offer endless possibilities for hiking and adventures and its pristine nature. Since I love adventure, perhaps more than anything else when I travel, I have finally decided that it is time I make my way to Corsica, taking advantage of the direct ferries to Corsica from Sardinia.

Corsica Beach

Once in Corsica, I am planning to visit the main cities such as Ajaccio and Bastia, supposed to be charming.

I also intend to visit Bonifacio, famous for its narrow alleys and for the dramatic views over the sea; and the massive fortified citadel of Calvi.

But as I love nature and natural sites more than anything else, the real reason I am going to Corsica is to finally go to the Natural Reserve of Scandola, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with fantastic marine biodiversity. There is no road access and not even a footpath to reach the reserve, so the only way to get there is by boat – but I do enjoy boat trips, especially when they get me to beautiful, secluded places!


Finally, I intend to hike the Col de Bavella, overlooked by the sharp peaks of the Aguille de Bavella, in the hope to see the mouflons that live in the area.

Have you ever been to Corsica? What did you like the most about it?

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