Spoleto – The Ideal Set for One of Europe’s Greatest Festivals

Spoleto, a small town in the Italian region Umbria, holds every year an impressive celebration of music, theatre, visual arts and any kind of exhibitions. The event is called Festival of 2Worlds and lasts for 17 days. This year’s edition went on from June 28 to July 14. Beside an impressive amount of shows, Spoleto’s festival offers to its visitors a charming framework rich in history, architecture and natural landscapes.

Walking in town, one may encounter the same artists who showed up on the stage only a few hours before, meet them at the bar and talk about the most impressive exhibitions. Or you may be surprised by an extemporary live show held by musicians exercising open air. And these are just a couple examples of the extraordinary happenings that may occur during the Festival of 2Worlds in Spoleto

Where is Spoleto?

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