Festival of 2 Worlds: 17 days of arts and exhibitions in Spoleto

Spoleto, a small town in Italy, is hosting the Festival of 2 Worlds, also known as Festival of Spoleto. The Festival started on June 28 and will last until July 14: 17 days of music, theatre, visual arts, dance, lectures and exhibitions.

This year the Festival reached its 56th edition and it still is one of the most important cultural events all over the world. Always a meeting of ancient traditions and new trends, it hosted during the years several top international artists, including Rudolf Nurejev, Carla Fracci, Luchino Visconti, Ezra Pound, Luciano Pavarotti, Roman Polanski and Vittorio Gassman.


Spoleto lies in the heart of Italy, in the region of Umbria. Already a charming medieval town, rich of history and beautiful landscapes, during the Festival Spoleto becomes an incredible gathering of artists and celebrities, comparable to Cannes and Venice during their popular film festivals.

Among the events which already started, “Sconfinamenti” – “Trespassing” – is a comprehensive project of six different modern art exhibitions at its highest level, with a fresh and original attitude specifically thought to make it enjoyable also by an audience not necessarily competent in the field. Talking about originality, “Green Porno” – by Isabella Rossellini and Jean-Claude Carrière – is a unique piece of theatre inquiring with great irony sex in the animal world, from elephants to insects. And another great theatrical performance came from the idea of Irina Brook – the Anglo-French actress who had her artistic education in New York – whose project La Trilogie des Iles includes three stories about vengeance, forgiveness and freedom: a journey towards the discovery of oneself, through three different islands where the protagonists will get to question themselves about their human condition and their doings.

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