Southern Italy – Brienza, a Medieval Gem in Beautiful Basilicata

Basilicata, also known as Lucania, is a region in the south of Italy. Within its borders is the National Park of Lucanian Appenines Val D’Agri Lagonegrese, a green pearl comprising natural wonders and beautiful historical sites still emanating their Medieval charm.

Certosa di San Lorenzo Padula Basilicata

Among the woods of this area lies the Certosa of San Lorenzo di Padula, a magnificent monastery built in 14th century and surrounded by luxuriant vegetation.

From the sky the eagles oversee the once religious building, today an Archeological Museum and UNESCO heritage.

The visitors can explore the 320 rooms of the ancient monastery, be led through narrow clefts and underground pounds of the Pertosa Caves, and compare the monastery’s elegant design with the audacious and surprising shapes hidden in the depths.

Grotte di Petrosa (foto D.Daniel)

These three places alone – the National Park, the monastery and the caves – can satisfy all your cravings for sporty tourism, alone or with your family. In the Park of Lucanian Appenines, beside the usual treks, are also available birdwatching courses, horse riding, bike tours and guided tours to the natural and the man crafted treasures.

Once you visited the Certosa of San Lorenzo di Padula and the Pertosa Caves, you may want to cover another short distance and reach the small village Brienza and its Medieval old town which surrounds the castle Caracciolo. The imposing Langobardic fortification lies on the border between Basilicata and Campania and its discovery is like a journey back to an ancient past. One still wonders where might be hidden the treasure of Bianca, a rich lady kidnapped by the pirates and disappeared on its way to Algeri.

Borgo medievale in Brienza

In Brienza adventure, knights, history and mystery are everywhere. Past, present and future join in a unique atmosphere, and the prices for tourists are cheap and reasonable. The old town is an open air museum, with only one place to accommodate the visitors, a B&B called La voce del fiume (‘The River’s Voice’).

La voce del fiume suite la perla

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