Digital Diary from Basilicata – Italy’s Hidden Gem in a Video

Last September we were in Basilicata, Italy, following the moving radio show Capital in the World. With us there were also the amazing people from Can’t and they realized another one of their awesome digital diaries.

Too often Basilicata goes unnoticed in our hasty society’s wrinkles, although it is a beautiful gem which combines breathtaking landscapes with a fascinating culture and an extraordinary hospitality. A full list of reasons why this region is worth a visit would be a difficult task, but this video well grasps the intense and captivating atmosphere this land offers. The images run through our whole itinerary, including all major destinations as Venosa, Matera, Craco, Valsinni and Maratea.

If this quick tasting managed to strike you, do not forget to include Basilicata in your list of coming destinations!

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