Songs Around the World – Music to Inspire the People

You may have heard it already (it’s been on the web for a while now), but there is always time for five minutes of good music. Especially if it is sung to unite the different people and cultures.

Playing For Change is a multimedia movement born to inspire the world through music. Music has the power to tear down the barriers among the people and this NGO uses its universal language to spread a message of love and brotherhood.

In 2005 co-founder Mark Johnson was in Santa Monica, California, when he stumbled on a street musician’s performance. His name was Roger Ridley and he was singing Stand By Me. Mark came closer and told him that his voice was worth a far better stage. Roger’s answer was: ‘My friend, I’m in the joy business. I was born to stay among the people.’

Since then the video series called Songs Around the World brought together several musicians all over the world and made it possible to build arts and music school for children in the less developed countries.

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