Leonardo da Vinci Museum – In Florence the Complete Exhibit of the His Works

Painter, sculptor, artist and inventor, dreamer and thinker, genius… Describing Leonardo Da Vinci with one single term is an impossible task. No other historical personality displayed more versatility, more talents than him. Nobody has been able to inspire more people, or to give a more commendable contribution to human arts and techniques.

In order to celebrate his flair and to share his many projects, dreams and visions in a way both educational and amusing, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, located in the heart of Florence, collected tokens and signs of his life, his works and his secrets.

Born 1452 in Anchiano, a small village close to Florence, Leonardo started his career as an apprentice for famous artist Verrocchio. Admired by princes and rulers, he worked for Ludovico il Moro in Milan and Giuliano de Medici in Vatican City and he was hosted by the French king Francis I. The incredible collection of masterworks he left to the world is only passed by the projects he could not complete, which are pointed out in his personal manuscripts.

In the Museum’s exhibition hall the visitors will see the Master’s brilliant intuitions thanks to the real scale copies of his projects. The machineries Leonardo dreamed of to conquer sky and sea have been rebuilt in full detail. The Leonardo da Vinci Museum isn’t just an inanimate showcase, it’s an interactive world where the visitors can delve completely savouring the joy of discovery.

Leonardo Da Vinci Museum - Florence, Italy

Terrible war machines as his wooden tank, brilliant pieces of engineering as the turning crane and visionary flying machines have been fully rebuilt in order to retrace Leonardo’s wild ambitions. Moreover, all the most important paintings are collected in a different hall: copies of The Last Supper, the Mona Lisa and the Annunciation can be seen and confronted all together and in the same place for the first time.

The challenge and involve the visitors even more, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum runs educational workshops about the many aspects of the genius’ polyhedric personality. The workshops comprise theoretical and practical parts, and are open to girls and boys of any age.

Leonardo Da Vinci Museum - Florence, Italy

For further information about the museum and its activities:

Museo di Leonardo da Vinci
Via De’ Servi 66, Firenze
055 282966
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