Ever Considered a River Cruise?

Think of cruise holidays and you’ll probably picture huge gleaming vessels, laden with activities and restaurants, and soaring high into the sky with multiple tiers and decks. However, not all cruise ships are vast floating villages, and not all cruise holidays are based on the ocean. Take Viking River Cruises for instance. With a fleet of over 45 small river-friendly ships, this popular cruise operator has been organising river-based cruises for decades – and they’re doing pretty well at it.

A Viking river cruise is all about enjoying some of the world’s lesser known gems with intimate service, quality surroundings and a much smaller band of passengers. Viking’s smallest ship takes just 60 people, and even its largest takes just 250 – which is a far cry from the thousands that take to today’s more traditional sea-based cruise ships. What this means is a much more personal experience and a chance to enjoy more of your own company.

As for destinations, that’s one of the best things about a Viking cruise. The small size of Viking liners means they can reach tight spaces and ports that bigger ships can’t. You could sail along the Danube, travelling from Nuremberg to the delightful city of Budapest, or travel along the River Elbe from the beautiful Czech city of Prague to vibrant Berlin. Or, why not explore the canals of France, and take in the delights of Bordeaux – perhaps stopping to enjoy a wine tour or sample some of the local produce?

Once you’re back onboard, kick back and relax in the luxurious surroundings of the ship’s lounge, perhaps enjoying a glass of something cool and refreshing as the sun sets, or sit outside on the deck to catch the last few rays as you set sail for the next port of call. For a unique and memorable cruise holiday that’s worlds away from your expectations, Viking Cruises certainly won’t disappoint.

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  1. Ah, I am such a big fan of Viking River Cruises! You’re right, the Viking Liners are smaller and smoother. Getting to smaller ports and beautiful towns that aren’t too ‘touristified’ is a massive bonus. Staff are friendly too, and I would recommend the Danube River cruise to just about anyone. Everyone should go, and have fun!

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