Beaches in Brittany – France’s Exotic Paradise

A ten-day journey in Brittany is definitely not enough to discover every hidden corner, every wind-battered ansa, every tide on the beach. But it allows you to take a taste of all of this, and realize how Brittany is a place rich with culture, history and beauty.

I arrived near Saint Malò, precisely in Lancieux. A timeless village, a seaside location with charming landscapes. I never got enough of walking around: the paths stretching along the sea got me through breathtaking views.


After crossing Roscoff, I arrived in Plouescat, in the Finistère department, and took a room in an old country manor. The typical beaches of this village have a grassy dune between the sea and the street. The nordic houses face the seaside composing a picture worth of a painting.

Moving West I reached the surroundings of Lannilis, where the tide creates some amazing sceneries, with stranded boats and uncovered depths. Walking among the seaweeds was a good way to meet the little inhabitants of the sea…

Going back East, between Treguier and Paimpol, I encountered Sillon de Talbert, a 35-metre wide stretch of sand formed by the streams of two rivers ending in the Channel. A legend says Merlin built this road throwing millions of stones to reach Vivien.


Walking around I crossed Trestrignel‘s wonderful coast, but lying on the beach isn’t a good idea. Instead, it’s far better to listen to the Bretons’ advice when it comes to find a good spot to lie down. So you won’t have to run when the tide rises.

On my way back I spent a last stop in Lancieux, and its beaches won me as the one a bit more West, at Saint Cast Le Guildo, endless, where can hardly resist the urge to ran towards the sea.

Brittany left a deep mark on my soul. A destination where Nature became part of inner self.

Brittany - France

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