Quick Lesson about Travel Photography – by Dummies for Dummies

After the first few lessons, Room for Travel just wanted to get serious. So we picked up a serious topic, one that could provide a bunch of useful information, and we gathered some people that could handle the conversation. And there was me as well, even if I am totally incompetent – not a news, if you followed us in the previous episodes.

Honestly, I refer to myself as a statistical photographer: if I shoot about three or four hundred pics, there is a small chance that I well end up with at least two or three photos that are actually of any use. Not too bad, thanks to digital technology. So this time I turned into the moderator and, well… moderated the discussion. Then I screwed everything up.

But hey, the other guys handled the situation pretty well, so… put into good use their teachings! No, I won’t bother: there is no hope for me anymore…

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