Drive around Murcia – Travel Tips

Murcia is located in the heart of the White Coast of Spain making it one of the most popular summer destinations for tourism.

murcia Start your trip by renting a car at San Javier Airport. Head north by taking the Mediterranean Motorway to Torrevieja filled with an unspoiled coastline. Have a pit stop at San Pedro’s Natural Park filled with an array of wildlife. Alternatively head south and visit the area known as La Union in August, and join in with the popular flamenco festival. Drive a few miles further west to find the city of Cartagena, and explore the Roman ruins.

Finish your driving trip at Calblanque beach for some time out and before returning your Avis car back at the airport take make sure you visit La Mancha and Minor Sea for a good grill and paella!

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  1. Some nice driving ideas there. Id add that some people seem to just forget about actually doing anything in Murcia city itself which in my opinion is a big mistake as they are missing out on a lot. I guess its down to personal taste but the museums and galleries in the city are top notch. Particular favourite city spots for me are Episcopal Palace and Museo de Arqueologia

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