Queen Mary 2 – Transatlantic Crossing with Style

The Queen Mary 2 has been on our seas since 2004 and is heralded as one of the greatest vessels in existence. Longer than the Empire State Building, the ship is 1,132 feet long, and shooting through the water at the speed of a blue whale; 30 knots to be exact. Incredibly, the capacity of the Queen Mary 2 is 2,620 passengers, amazing considering historic maritime excursions, where the old pioneering ships could only take a couple of hundred passengers per journey.

Designed for optimal comfort and luxury, the ship has classic Cunard characteristics such as high ceilings, a fabulous art collection, and a daily tea service. Art is a big part of the QM2 experience, complementing its grand interiors and impressing customers from all over the world.

The grand lobby is the most impressive part of the ship, sporting rich gold and regal reds from floor to ceiling, and gorgeous ancient Greek style pillars. Looking above the staircase, you’ll see the grand relief sculpture, commissioned by Cunard and created by John McKenna, the prolific sculptor who has worked on many famous public and private pieces. Distinctly stylish, the depiction of the QM2 showcases McKenna’s specialism in bronzing with his portrayal of the much loved vessel.

You too can take part in the art culture of the Queen Mary 2. A number of auctions take place during the cruise, with champagne and the best creations the world has to offer, including more contemporary pieces. Perhaps you can now see how Cunard customers could have consumed 481,000 bottles of champers in 200 crossings. It must be all these fancy events!

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