Photo Hunting on the Swiss Alps

In Switzerland ‘summer’ is a thin idea, a quick chapter of two or three weeks between the everlasting winter. But it has rarely been so mean of sun and warmth as this year. Until the last day I hoped in a surprising summer attack stretching over the beginning of autumn, but when I witnessed random storms breaking the dull clouds I understood I had to face the Swiss landscapes whatever the weather.

Although Zürich – where I use to stay during my travels in Switzerland – and its surroundings do not lack of charming view, I decided to travel as far as to the canton of Sankt Gallen and move towards to top of Mount Chäserrugg (2262 metres) with the cable car that starts from a small hamlet called Unterwasser.

Unterwasser, Switzerland

Moving by public means in Switzerland is always a hate and love story, since the legendary efficiency of those is paired with flabbergasting prices. Since I often travel in the Helvetic Community, I got used to buy every year the half-price pass (in german Halbtax) which allows to travel on any public mean at half the price of the ticket.

Since I was around with my new camcorder I tried it out both in photo and video mode. I fear the beautiful landscapes which were surrounding me earned a better operator than myself, but I am sure the natural value of the site goes without discussion.

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