Folgaria – Nature, Culture and Great Food in Trentino

Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna: 105 square kilometres of mountains in south-east Trentino, Northern Italy. A highland of sweet shapes, mostly made of long stretches of green fields, small lakes, hills and huge forests, with the Dolomites in the background.

In summer it’s the ideal place for a few days of complete relax, walking or biking on the path stretching for hundreds of kilometres, crossing ancient woods, pine trees, meadows, mountain lakes and shelters, and meeting the local wildlife: deers, stags, or the more common milk cows that roam freely in fields waiting for the winter.

Among the most charming and enjoyable routes at your disposal, I recommend the mountain path from Folgaria to Luserna and the ‘Road of the 52 Galleries‘, an ancient military path built during the First World War on Mount Pasubio.

Mountain bike - Folgaria, Trentino, Italy

And for the kids there are also several activities to be enjoyed alone or with the whole family: thematic routes as the ‘Path of Imaginary‘, an easy trek across tales and legends in Luserna’s woods; mountain bike for children, easy routes along the local paths; acropark and educational farms.

Folgaria, Trentino, Italy

The Festival of Play (Festival del Gioco) takes place for a whole a week between the end of July and the beginning of August: games, events, shows, workshops, everything connected through one theme: the tale of the Cimbrian Alp. It’s the story of a young witch called Perti and her friends, all busy in a path leading the children to discover the stories and legends characterizing this place since hundreds of years.

Festival of Play - Folgaria, Trentino, Italy

This area is also the production site of Vezzena, one of the most ancient product of Trentino’s cheese tradition, made with the milk of the cows bred on this highland. It is a product of exceptional quality, aged for 12-18 months and safeguard by strict regulations.

Formaggio Vezzena - Folgaria, Trentino, Italy

In order to appraise this cheese, Creative Vezzena was held last September – from 10 to 15 – five evenings with events hosted each night in a different shelter of the Cimbrian Highland, with world renown chefs preparing themed menus, enriched by the use of Vezzena cheese.

Folgaria, Trentino, Italy

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