Packing Up and Why We are Embarking On This Family Travel Adventure

So we finally did it! Marco and I have been talking about packing up our home and selling everything apart from a few prized possessions for long time. We have been eager to start our family travel adventure ever since the birth of our second daughter, Maya. Although starting a family has grounded us a little, our adventure spirit and wanderlust is well and truly alive! Actually, if anything it might have increased.

I have a constant urge now to experience and see new places with our two daughters. I want them to feel, see and smell all those new sensations of a new country and culture. There really isn’t anything that makes me feel more alive, than stepping off a plane and diving straight into explore a new country.

Marco and I will freely admit, we are addicted to travel! A year long round the world trip in 2005 sparked our wanderlust that has continued for the past 10 years and is one of the reasons we started our blogs. Although I (Felicity) have tried few other jobs in the past. I keep coming back to my passion, that is travel.

It wasn’t an easy decision to pack up our home in Italy and leave family and friends, especially with our two young daughters settled in nursery and kindergarten. People often ask us; why we are doing it now? Here are some of the reasons. 

  •  The obvious one is that Marco and I love to travel and have always dreamt of traveling as family! And we feel life is too short not to follow your dreams.
  • Travel is a great educator for the whole family. You learn so much about yourself and other cultures that can be used in so many different aspects of life.
  • We didn’t want get caught up in the rat race! Which is so easy to do once you have kids. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being settled with a job, home, and family and friends nearby. We might crave this one day, but at the moment we are seeking something less conventional.
  • We are not sure exactly how we would like to educate our two young daughters at the moment. Fortunately we don’t need to decide just yet, and while we travel we will be experimenting with world-schooling.

We decided this was going to be the year of simplifying our life we wanted to focus on a few things that were important to us and making them a priority in our daily lives.

  • Spending more time as family including travel and new experiences.
  • Living more responsibility and in harmony with our environment – specifically using less plastic and trying to be more environmentally friendly, whilst we travel. I will be talking more about this on the blog.
  • Living with less possessions, we are now very conscious of anything new we buy and only stick to essential items.
  • Eating a more plant based diet- although we are not vegan or vegetarian yet, we’ve experimented eating less meat and fish and would like to continue exploring this type of diet.
  • Excessing regularly – before the birth of our girls we were both really active, running and cycling regularly. Whilst we travel we would like to include regular yoga, mediation and swimming into our daily routine.
  • Our overall objective is finding a balance between earning a living remotely, plus enjoying family time, whilst traveling the world! Watch this space, it’s all a work in progress!

Our itinerary is very open ended, our first stop is Indonesia for two months and then on to Thailand we want to spend 5- 6 months in South East Asia.

Please follow our adventures on instagram and our youtube channel where we will be posting regular Vlogs of our adventures. If you have suggestion or must see destinations, do please let us know in the comments, and who knows where we might end up! 

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