Family Travel in Indonesia – Testing The Limits and Changing The Rules

Family Travel in Indonesia – It’s been just over a month since we boarded the plane to Singapore. Now let it be known, we eased ourselves gently into this “big travel adventure”, with our first week spent in the protective confines of Club Med on Bintan Island, it was wonderful! There wasn’t a need to think too much; no planning no researching and no organizing!

However in hindsight since we have started our adventure properly now, maybe our first week in Club Med wasn’t the best idea. We would have been better to hit the ground running and get this “adventure loving travelling family” all singing or dancing from day one! For God’s sake, you don’t even need to carry any money around in Club Med. Our first week was too easy! But, oh how we loved the food, the choice, Marco and I both put on half stone in weight and the kids got use to an ice-cream at lunch and dinner time, we were spoilt rotten.

A big thank you to Club Med Bintan Island for hosting us if you would like to see more about our experience check out the short video we created below

On our last day at Club Med when the taxi dropped us at the small rickety ferry terminal, we felt like fish out of water. That same feeling I had back in 2005 when Marco and I got off the plane in New Delhi, India our first stop on our round the world trip. The big difference this time though, we had two other little humans to look after and protect! My anxiety levels went up a notch!

Club Med Bintan Island

We also, suddenly had to change all the rules for Isabella and Maya. We had to quickly explain to both of them. No you can’t touch every dog or cat you see, which they often did in Italy, because most of them actually had owners. No, you can’t run up ahead along the road and few metres, because there is way to too much traffic, and no pavement. These little rule changes are hard to explain to two very curious toddlers. And yes! Those big questions were running through my mind, what the hell have we done? and, is this trip a good idea?

However you’ll be pleased to know my anxiety subsided and we all got into our travel groove. The girls adapted quickly to lots of different situations, but the last few weeks have invariably been about testing limits:

  • How much time Marco and I could spend with the girls on our own before meltdown implodes.
  • How much time Isabella and Maya can spend playing with each other before the bickering and tantrums starts. (not much different to at home) 
  • How far Isabella and Maya can walk without being carried, we’ve really pushed the limits on this one one in Bali to get to our nearest beach there are 172 steps to walk down. (Don’t call us cruel!)
  • How many different fruits we can eat, we all have our preferences! For Maya it’s Dragon Fruit and for Isabella its Papaya.
  • How much spicy food Isabella and Maya can tolerate.
  • How many eggs we can eat in a week, – eggs are our go-to breakfast and when no more spicy food can be tolerated we turn to eggs.
  • How much time we can spend in the water without literally disintegrating.
  • How many people you can fit on a motorbike at one time
  • How Far Bella can swim? ( my personal favourite she is up to 10 metres now)
  • How many coconuts do you need to quench the thirst of a family of four.

Ultimately though, we are testing that fine balance of how much work can really be done whilst co-parenting two demanding toddlers. We are trying to find that balance between fun times, experiences, learning and earning enough money to support us.

Lets just say its an ongoing experiment and we’re still finding our feet, but we wouldn’t change anything yet!

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2 thoughts on “Family Travel in Indonesia – Testing The Limits and Changing The Rules”

  1. Great post! You’re training two great travellers. Looking forward to read more 🙂

  2. Thank you, some people say that the kids won’t remember all this travel, but we believe we are teaching them valuable skills about life which are not just about the places we visit. Lots more posts, videos and photos to come, stay tuned. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

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