New Zealand May Be Introducing a Digital Nomad Option for Travellers

New Zealand, a country we’ve been fortunate enough to visit few times, never ceases to amaze with its stunning natural beauty and welcoming locals. From the majestic peaks of the South Island to the geothermal wonders of the North, it’s a land of diverse landscapes and endless adventure. It’s no wonder New Zealand is a top tourist destination, offering something for everyone, from adrenaline-pumping activities to peaceful retreats. The country’s high standard of living, combined with its breath-taking scenery, makes it an ideal haven for digital nomads seeking a work-life balance. As New Zealand considers introducing a digital nomad visa, the allure of this island nation is only set to grow.

The Attraction of New Zealand to Digital Nomads

There are endless reasons why New Zealand is considered an ideal destination for digital nomads. From stunning natural beauty to a stable and secure environment, this country has it all.

Stunning Scenery: New Zealand is popular because it has diverse and spectacular scenery. These include the towering icy mountains in the Southern Alps and the pristine surf beaches in the North Island, making the country a tourist hotspot for nature lovers.

High Quality of Life: New Zealand consistently rates highly on global quality of life indexes. It promotes a work-life balance culture, where there’s universal health care and good education systems. The cost of living is great – you can live comfortably while doing remote work effectively. 

Outdoor Activities: If you love outdoor activities, you’ll find yourself in paradise in New Zealand. There are plenty of things to do in Queenstown for example, like hiking, skiing, surfing, kayaking, and bungee jumping. It’s also famous for surfing and that should be a full bingo square for all the adventure seekers out there!

The Digital Nomad Visa

Presently, there isn’t any specific visa known as a Digital Nomad Visa in New Zealand. Most digital nomads already in New Zealand either have Working Holiday Visas or Visitor Visas. It’s unconfirmed rumours saying there might be a digital nomad visa in the pipeline. Countries like Spain, France and Italy already have one.

Working Holiday Visa: A Working Holiday Visa allows people from selected countries to live and work in New Zealand for 12, 23, or 36 months, depending on the nationality. Young travellers love this visa as it enables them to take up different jobs while exploring New Zealand.

Visitor Visa: The Visitor Visa is for people who want to be in the country for up to nine months. This visa may not explicitly permit them to work, but sometimes digital nomads can have blurred lines between their online earnings from other sources outside New Zealand. However, remaining in New Zealand for 183 days makes you a tax resident. You would need to apply for a tax number and follow local laws. 

girl in New Zealand lake

Life as a Digital Nomad in New Zealand

Being a digital nomad in New Zealand is an incredibly rewarding experience. From bustling cities to quiet small towns, the country has many options available for living.


Due to excellent infrastructure, coworking spaces, and networking opportunities, hubs like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch are popular with digital nomads coming into New Zealand.


For those who prefer quieter places, Queenstown, Tauranga, and Napier have a small-town feel where you are well-connected within community settings – and they provide easy access to the beautiful nature surrounding them.

Queenstown New Zealand

Making Money as a Digital Nomad

The flexibility to earn online is one of the most amazing things about being a digital nomad. The choices range from freelancing to remote jobs to running an online business. What matters is finding something that suits you best and fits well with your skills and interests.

Many digital nomads make it big in niche markets, traditional freelance work or remote employment. Creative and entrepreneurial individuals have limitless opportunities due to the online world we live in nowadays.

New Zealand’s possible introduction of a digital nomad visa may be an opportunity for more people who want to work remotely. Keep an eye on any new visa options available so that you can start planning your trip!

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