5 Activities in the Adventure Capital of the World – Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is the sort of city that will impress you with its beauty, surprise you with its scenic sights that are to be seen, and totally sucker punch you when it comes to the sheer volume of activities that one can do here. This city is for the adventure lovers, for the thrill seekers, for the ones in need of a rush, and for the ones looking for a challenge, and to jolt a change in their daily lives. It also helps that after all these activities, Queenstown is also an ideal place for the laid back people who want to sit back, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy the beauty of the place. Both these ends of the spectrum meet in Queenstown, which makes it a tourist magnet.

Bunjee Jumping

The Lake Wakatipu that surrounds the town of Queenstown is the hub and heart of many adventure sports. Bungee jumping is considered to be one of the best adventure sports popularly due to the mad rush of blood towards the brain. The Kawarau Bridge offers just that, as the hotspot for bungee jumping. With a 43 metre jump with the options of a dip in the river below, every individual should definitely experience this once in a lifetime.

Zip Ride

Another sport at the Kawarau Bridge is the exhilarating Zip Ride. One can go solo or tandem, and rush past everything at over 60 kmph and take a U-turn. The view is an additional asset as one zips over beautiful scenery and wilderness.


Queenstown is beautiful as a city, and a sight to behold from the air too. Launching yourself on a flight from atop the gondola, and getting a view of the snow-capped mountains at Glenorchy is surreal. Choose a smooth landing, or just whiz past everything, your choice. The locations are so exquisite that many movies, including The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings have been shot using them as the backdrop. Para-gliding above them is heaven, to say the least.

Group of people whitewater rafting

River Rafting

River rafting is another highly recommended sport for the ones seeking thrill. The rapids at Kawarau River and Shotover River range from a grade 2 to a tumultuous grade 6 and stretches over 9 kilometres. So, it caters to amateurs and professional alike. Proper training and safety measurements are undertaken so one can rest assured and plunge into this heart thumping sport. Also, when in the rivers, river surfing might be a good idea. Queenstown is one of the three places in the world that has the facility for river surfing, so one might want to look into it for a new refreshing sport.

Canyoning and spelunking

Canyoning and spelunking are one of the most underrated adventure sports due to the amount of time and strength they consume without the so called thrill factor. But give the 12 mile long stretch of the Delta Canyon a chance to change your perception. Amazing waterfalls, narrow passageways to be explored, and exotic pools in the canyons are stuff of dreams for explorers.


Travelling to all these places is easier by hiring a car. So kick back, with a glass of wine, or just star gaze atop the gondola; and let Queenstown take over.

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