Nepal – Walking in a Rocky Paradise

Every country has a secret that allows you to experience the best of it.

Nepal is a wonderful tread of religion, culture, history and nature… and the best way to enter its heart to walk all over through it.

A mountainous land, a partially unexplored garden below the huge Himalayan peaks which are its guardians. Nepal is still a country which answers to Mother Nature’s laws.



Its people live in symbiosis with the difficulties due to the stunning beautiful environment. One of the poorest people on Earth, they still live mostly of agriculture, one of the hardest and noblest human labours. In a land like Nepal this kind of activity is an intrinsic part of its culture and traditions.

Development and civilization had people to crowd the large towns, but there are also countless villages hidden among the mountains, more or less isolated, far away from urban stress and comforts.

The communication networks are old and the roads climbing the mountains go from concrete to dirt patches, becoming long, steep and narrow paths, the history of trading routes which still nowadays are often the only possible mean of connection.


To walk.

For us it’s usually just a word used in our free time, but for Nepal’s people it’s a transport mean. Consequently also time, which we run after in our daily lives, here is paced by the slow steps of our feet and the strength of our legs.

Therefore, the best way to dive into Nepal’s life is to walk…


… to walk through its paths and its mountains, through its villages and their inhabitants; to stand cold and fatigue, endless staircases and wildlife; to gaze from the world’s most legendary peaks; to cross the children’s smile, those little and immensely strong Nepalese carriers.



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