From India to Nepal – A Life Changing Experience

Among my past projects, this one is the one I am most attached to. A journey started in Delhi and continued through Nothern India until Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital – and much more than just that.

I made this video with a very specific aim: share the incredible feelings that one can only experience through travelling. Places, people, cultures and unexpected encounters make travelling one of the most exciting activity we can undertake in life..

This journey dates back to 2011. I believe that to visit a country like India one should go in the right time of his life. I had been told several times I were too young to understand its true meaning, instead I think it’s just a matter of lifetimes. That one was the right time for me to leave, the right time to take on such an experience: not the right age, just the right time. And Nepal as well gifted me with many emotions through its nature and spirituality.

This is a journey you should share with a very special person, someone able to share with you a daily life rich with thoughts and suggestions. We were four when we left: two friends and two backpacks.

I have been lucky enough to live fully every moment and come back enriched, better aware about myself and what surrounds me, about what we often neglect in our everyday life. With this video I wanted to share what we felt in those days.

The great Italian traveller and writer Tiziano Terzani said India is the beginning, the origin of everything. I found this statement to be extremely accurate. To understand you have to experience it on your own. One last tip: if you want to travel to Ladakh check the Ladakh Tour Packages for advice and useful informations.


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