No Special Effects, Just Mauritius

Reading makes you travelling with your imagination. It changes the people’s mood, it lets you fly.

So let’s start, let me take you yo Mauritius.

This island is usually linked to honey moons, beaches and wonderful sight. There isn’t a single spot on the whole island which doesn’t inspire relax, serenity and bliss.

The colours of the trees range from bright green to the fire-like red of a Flamboyant tree. The scents in the market ranging from Oriental spices to exotic fruits. Mango and pineapple everywhere, even in the salads. And the local delicacy: coconut heart, extracted from the palm tree trunk.

Intense flavours, mixing up like the local culture which is a mishmash of traditions coming from three different continents. Indian songs as background to Oriental looks and Creole features.

And with its rural rum – ecstasy not just for the senses but also for the soul – Mauritius becomes exactly as everyone dreamed it, maybe even more…

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