Mauritius – The Green Island Painted as a Dream

Mauritius is not just about beaches, this island on the edge of the ancient spice route has much more to offer: it has a heart and there is an entire world worth to be discovered.

What hits you at first in the inner part of Mauritius is the intense green: endless tea fields cover the hills and you may wonder how comes that such bright colours exist in nature, since they look as the skilful work of some laboratory aimed to creating dreams.

Lose yourself in Bois Cheri, the tea village, and you will come to the same conclusion.

Mauritius is sweet as sugar cane and offers some of the best rum you will ever try in your life. There are six rhumerias on the island and you will hardly avoid a well filled glass: either you got vanilla rum, or coffee or black pepper, you won’t regret your choice and you will be happy to taste this sweet nectar surrounded by the scents of this little paradise.

Mauritius is Chamarel and its seven-colour land, a place where you will ultimately agree that there is no better artist than Nature itself: when the volcano took over the drawings with its beautifully coloured sediments, it shaped a common slide of sand in a unique portrait.

Chamarel - Mauritius

Mauritius is Grand Bassin, a sacred lake surrounded by several hindu temples where prayers meet for puja or just for a personal talk with some far god. This is one of my favourite places all over the island: walking among the statues when it’s close to sunset, with the prayer chants in the background, allows to reach inner peace and to find new energies for the rest of the journey.

Le Grand Bassin - Mauritius

Moreover, the legend says the lake was created when a few drops fell from Shiva’s head while he was flying to bring water to the Gange river, because Mauritius’ beauty distracted him.

Nobody can resist to Mauritius, not even a god. You have just to surrender to its beauty…

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