Jökulsárlón – Iceland’s Largest Glacial Lake

Jökulsárlón is Europe’s largest glacial lake, an unmissable destination for any traveller in Iceland. It is located south from Vatnajökull glacier, about 80 kilometres from Höfn, if you are arriving from Reykjavik. At the beginning of summer, when the daylight is almost endless, the sun brightens the bay, making Jökulsárlón a huge water mirror and its quite waters strengthen the feeling of perfect simmetry.

Jökulsárlón - Iceland

Travelling on Highway 1 (Hringvegur) from Vík í Mýrdal you will find the lake on your left. Stop just after the bridge and enjoy the magnificent view over the bay, with the glacier in the background and its long tip diving in the water. For an unforgettable experience it is possible to take a trip on the amphibious boat which allows to slalom among the lake’s icebergs.

Amphibious boat, Jökulsárlón - Iceland

A local guide tells the visitors the lagoon’s history in perfect English, how it was created and a lot of interesting facts and figures. Every year almost 70.000 passengers take a Jokulsarlon EHF ticket – the company runs the sailing in the lagoon since over thirty years – and share this place’s incredible atmosphere.

Jökulsárlón - Iceland

I visited Jökulsárlón at the beginning of June, when Iceland is almost non stop under the sun rays. My opinion may be affected by the season I experienced, as it happens to all of us when visiting a new place. But in Iceland changes in weather conditions are truly remarkable. Locals use to say: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”

During one week I had several sunny days moving abruptly to thin rain for a few hours, just to allow the sun back shortly afterwards. I loved these sudden changes in Iceland, its crazy weather is part of the country’s charm. Its an intrinsic feature, just as the unmoving silence, the moonlike volcanic landscapes and the Atlantic Puffins.

Jökulsárlón - Iceland

Talking about Jökulsárlón, another charming feature is its variability: I saw many pictures and every time the icebergs would form a different pattern, sometimes there are more of them, some others less, some times they are bigger, some others smaller. Every visit is a new discovery.

A reason more to get back in this wonderful country.

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