Ischia – One of Europe’s Leading Thermal Destination

A small and happy island in Italy, here it is: Ischia.

Ischia, Italy

The Belpaese always has some surprise in store for its visitors, especially when it comes to little known paradises where you can get the tank full of peace and relax.

Just a few kilometres from Naples, Ischia is a volcanic island also known as ‘Europe’s Garden’ or ‘Green Island’ because of its stunning natural beauty.

Located in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is completely covered by vegetation. Among its cliffs running to the Tyrrhenian Sea, there is Mount Epomeo which overlooks the whole island. Its natural structure and the many available facilities, it has become through the decades one of Europe’s leading thermal destination.

Ischia, Italy

Getting to Ischia is not always an easy stroll: ferries tend to be crowded, especially in summer, and the rough sea can make those few miles feel like a never ending journey.

That said, it is always worth to visit this magic place where sunsets and landscapes look like wonderful paintings, and where an excellent tourist reception rewards for any nuisance.

Ischia – together with Procida, Vivara and Nisida – is one of the Phlegraean Islands. Taxi boats, ferries and even helicopters connect the islands each other. Sailing from Ischia to Procida takes about one hour.

Ischia, Italy

If you are looking for relax throuhg thermal therapies, massages, crystal clear sea, treks and bike tours, water sports and romantic sunsets, the Phlegraean Islands are exactly where you need to be.

In every locality of Ischia there are well-equipped spa centres. Among them, the Casamicciola Thermal Baths are one of the most renown: here the visitors will find lemon and underwater massages, mud and mineral baths, ozone therapy, inhalations and irrigations.

Ischia’s thermal waters are alkaline and contain sulphur, iodine, chlorine, iron, potassium and other micro elements capable of treating several pathologies, but also well suited to simply take care of yourself.

Ischia, Italy

And if you are fond of arts and culture, don’t miss the Holy Mary of Loreto Church (Chiesa di Santa Maria di Loreto) in Forio or Ischia’s Aragonese Castle. Other interesting sites include the Sea Museum in Ischia Ponte, Serrara Fontana’s House-Museum, Lacco Ameno’s coastline and Sant’Angelo’s stylish historical village.

Night life freaks should try to reach the island around mid-June, when every single day holds a celebration for the local saint patron – e.g. Saint Vitus in Forio and Saint John in Barano – with fireworks, lights, music, markets and a number of delicious threats.

Moreover, every year the island hosts the Ischia Film Festival, whose last edition went on stage last April.

Aragonese Castle - Ischia, Italy

For most people Ischia is mainly a party destination and many women choose it for their bachelorette party. Just another confirmation of the fact that this island as a frenetic life both day and night: thermal treatments during the morning in order to look and feel gorgeous during the night.

And to top it all, a trip to Ischia should never come to end before you had the chance to spend some time at the Bay of Gods (Baia degli Dei), in Citara, where the Poseidon Thermal Gardens are located: truly an essential reference for thermal baths.

Ischia, Italy

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