Gran Paradiso National Park – Sheltering in the Italian Alps

To travel also means ending up in remote places, sinked into untouched nature, far away from stress, work and tourists. It may sound a bit outdated, with so many people around there looking for the same comfort they enjoy at home, but there is another way to travel, simpler, more genuine: finding a destination where the only comforts are the trees, the leaves and the water streams framing your view.

Such a place is the Gran Paradiso National Park. This is the oldest natural reserve in Italy, but it’s never crowded by visitors. At 2800 metres, here you can mesmerise for a few days among wild animals and hidden shelters.

Ceresole Reale is a good starting point. This little village of less than 170 inhabitants is in the province of Turin, on the eastern bank of Ceresole Lake. It hosts the interesting Homo et Ibex Museum, a collection of works focused on the human-springbock relationship in history and arts.

From Ceresole you can get to Mount Nivolet at 2500 metres by car or shuttle-bus. There you will find a breathtaking view over the park’s mountains. A couple of kilometres more and you will find the first ski chalet called Chiasso, and later on the one called Savoia, as Italy’s former ruling family. In both cases, you will find rooms with half board service. From here many paths start, well suited for trekkers and mountain bikers.

For further information about accommodation in Gran Paradiso National Park visit the official website.

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