Family-Friendly Adventure Activities and Travels

As we head into the new year, we are hoping for a return to normalcy, and part of that is planning and enjoying fun family vacations. When it comes to spending time with your family, there are many ways to go, from a staycation where you take off of work and enjoy each other’s company to a big adventure where you see new things and explore exciting opportunities. We tend to enjoy the adventures a bit more when we’re making discoveries.

When most people hear the word adventure, they tend to think of dangerous animal safaris or climbing Mount Everest, but that is just one category of adventure. If you are looking for a little more out of your family time, then there are many exciting endeavors you can enjoy, and they can happen anywhere, from your backyard to across the nation.

Let’s explore some fun family-friendly adventure activities.

The Benefits of Family Adventures

There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with family. As parents, the best time to teach your kids about the world and the amazing adventures it contains is when they are young and full of wonderment. When you show an interest in your children’s lives and help them experience new things, you help to build their self-esteem, encourage positive behaviors, and strengthen your family bonds.

In the nature

When you bring this family fun outside and into nature, the benefits only get better. In addition to breathing in that invigorating fresh air, time outside increases your chance of getting the exercise you need to stay healthy. Plus, time out of the house helps in other ways you may not realize, like strengthening your immune system and improving your sleep at night. A study at Cornell University even found that time in nature can reduce stress. This could be a good lesson for your kids as they grow up and feel pressure at work or with their own families.

While we will discuss plenty of potential family adventures around the country, it is important to remember that adventure can happen on your own street. Make some time to take your kids to the park to fly kites, ride bikes, or have a scavenger hunt.

There are also educational activities you could try, such as cataloging bugs, making bird feeders, or planting a small garden that will teach them a bit about nature while you have a good time.

Go Camping!

One amazing adventure that you can experience just about anywhere is the family camping trip. By doing a simple internet search, you are sure to find at least one campground in your area, and if you want to extend your reach, you can take a road trip to some of the more famous campgrounds.

One of the most picturesque campgrounds in the nation is Sequoia and Kings Canyon in California, where you can choose among 14 different campsites and have a chance to see some of the biggest trees in the world. There is also Salmon River Campground in Stanley, Idaho, which is known for its overabundance of wildlife and lots of fishing.

The great thing about camping is that regardless of where you go, there are many adventures that your whole family can enjoy. Many campgrounds have pet- and kid-friendly hiking trails and the chance to ride bikes through gorgeous forests. At night, you can have a campfire and roast marshmallows. This is the best time to take advantage of the lack of city lights and to see the stars, planets, and constellations in their full glory.

While camping trips are full of adventure, parents must take the proper precautions to ensure that the family is prepared for any unforeseen issue so everyone can stay healthy and safe.

Make a checklist before you leave and pack a pro-level safety kit that includes:

  • First aid supplies, including bandages.
  • Necessary ointments.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A multi-tool and pocket knife just in case.

You should also be aware of common threats in the area. So if you are going to a higher altitude, bring medicine to prevent altitude illness or heating pads for visits to cooler areas to prevent hypothermia.

Explore America

Camping is just one of the amazing family-friendly adventure activities that this awesome nation has to offer. If you are looking to add a road trip into the mix, then you have the pick of the litter as just about every state in our country has a wonderful opportunity to see and experience something new.

For example, a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, will give you a chance to see the largest aquarium in the world, which holds over 500 different species. The area is also home to the World of Coca-Cola, where the whole family can learn about the famous beverage and pick up great souvenirs.

A trip to central Florida provides unlimited adventures with a variety of locations, including the Kennedy Space Center, where the kids will be in awe of the real-life rockets and the chance to see a simulated launch. Of course, Florida is also a place full of exotic wildlife. Visit Gatorland to see the amazing world of reptiles, both large and small, and learn some fun facts along the way.

If you are more of a winter vacation kind of family, then consider a trip to Park City, Utah, where during the cooler months you can go skiing or tubing at their many famous ski areas. The kids can take lessons, enjoy the bunny hills, and then go inside the lounge for a round of hot chocolate.

If skiing is too complex, the kids can also go tubing down the smaller hills, all while taking in the gorgeous snowy landscape.


For those looking to enjoy the next family adventure, the sky’s the limit for where you can go and what you can experience. Take some time to start planning your trip now and get ready to have a blast in 2021.


If you need some inspiration for your next family adventure, check out our Vlog during our time in Western Australia.

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