8 of the Best Careers in Travel, Even Without Prior Experience

If you love to travel, you might like to consider following a career path within the travel industry. You can then pursue a professional career while also enjoying your passion for visiting new places.

The good news is there are various jobs available that do not require prior experience. Here are eight of the best that you will want to consider.

1. Flight Attendant

As an opportunity to work in the sky and see the world, a career as a flight attendant could be the position in the travel industry that you are looking for.

A flight attendant’s work primarily involves ensuring passenger safety and comfort. If you are friendly, patient and service-oriented, this could be your perfect travel career. There is no specific academic requirement to become a flight attendant. Airline companies generally provide training after recruitment.

2. Travel Agent

There are lots of different travel agent jobs available, but with the decline of brick-and-mortar travel agents, these roles could primarily involve working from home.

If you want a career in travel that enables you to see the world, working as a travel agent might not be the best bet. However, you may get perks like reduced plane tickets that would allow you to travel very affordably.

You should also consider specific travel agent jobs, such as becoming a Disney travel agent. That would involve being specifically trained on all of Disney’s vacation options, including its theme parks, cruises and resorts.

So, if you want to become a travel agent working at Disneyland, for instance, first join a Disney-authorised travel agency.

3. Cruise Ship Service Personnel

Working on a cruise ship can lead to numerous travel opportunities while providing services in sectors such as dining, housekeeping or entertainment onboard. This role is ideal for those who are cordial and enjoy working in hospitality.

To start your journey, apply directly through cruise line websites or through specialised recruitment agencies.

4. Tour Operator

If you love organising events and trips, consider becoming a tour operator where you will arrange excursions for vacationers or organise thematic tours. This position will suit individuals who boast good organisational skills and have the ability to work under pressure.

Approaching established travel agencies for job openings is an efficient route of entry into this field, but you also have the opportunity to set up your own tour business.

5. Destination Wedding Planner

As a destination wedding planner, you will coordinate all aspects of weddings that are held at popular holiday destinations all around the world! This unique career would appeal to anyone with a flair for event planning and romance, especially if dealing with logistics does not scare you.

Beginning within local wedding planning services or starting your own business can be great paths to take to kick off this venture. 

6. Travel Writer or Photographer

If you are inclined towards the arts yet harbour a passion for travelling, you could become a travel writer or photographer. Your job would entail capturing experiences and sights that let people embark on virtual journeys through your work.

Freelancing is usually the best way to enter this industry. You should contribute to travel websites and also consider starting your own blog. 

7. Adventure Sports Instructor

If you are someone who thrives on adrenaline rushes and enjoys outdoor activities, becoming an adventure sports instructor might be the perfect role for you.

While you will not necessarily need prior experience, it is best to obtain specific certifications, depending on your chosen sport, to enter this field.

8. Travelling Yacht Staff

Being part of a travelling yacht crew is another travel-inspired job that you should consider.

In this role, you would offer services and skills, which could range from cooking to engineering. The great thing about becoming part of a travelling yacht’s team is you get to sail across waters to luxurious destinations around the globe. This career is best for those who are adaptable and love life on the sea.

Route of entry is usually direct applications via yacht brokerages or specialised recruitment agencies specialising in marine employment opportunities.

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