Jobs and Careers – What’s There for You if You Studied Travel and Tourism

If you love travel then what could be better than studying it? The problem is that the period of study does not last forever; you have to find a career where you can use your qualification. Of course, if you have a degree there are many careers where it will be accepted as an entry qualification. That being said, if you have chosen to study travel and tourism you are likely to want to find yourself a job in that field.

You may be asking yourself, “If I study travel and tourism what kind of job can I get”. The truth is that there are plenty of different travel related roles that you may want to think of applying for. We are going to take a look at a few of them.

Tour guide

If you want to travel then becoming a tour guide for touring holidays can be a good way to do it. You need to have the ability to remember interesting facts and stories about the place you are travelling to. You also need to have excellent communication skills as you will be communicating with the people on the tour on a regular basis. Tours can be long and tiring so you will need to have a lot of stamina and be reasonably physically fit. It’s your job to keep everyone entertained, so a sense of humour and a lot of patience both come in very useful. If you undertake a career as a tour guide you can expect to earn a salary of between $AU32,500 and $AU$60,000.

Tourism marketing manager

This is a role which does not involve as much travel but which gives you the opportunity to help in the development of tourism in a particular area. You are involved in developing marketing campaigns that are effective in raising the profile of an area and increasing the attraction of tourists to the area. In this job you need good problem solving skills, as you need to identify any issues in the marketing of an area, and work to rectify them.

You also need to have creativity in producing effective advertising that has the desired result of bringing higher numbers of tourists into an area. If you secure a job working as a tourism marketing manager you can earn anywhere between $AU50,000 and $AU122,000.

Corporate travel consultant

This is something a little different, in that this role involves business travel rather than personal. If you embark on a career as a corporate travel consultant you will be expected to book business related travel and accommodation that are within the budget, remit and governance procedures of business clients. You can see how vital it is that you are a good communicator and problem solver if you are thinking of applying for this type of role. If you are employed as a corporate travel consultant you can expect to earn a salary of between $AU38,000 and $AU65,000.

These are just three of many career opportunities that are available to you if you study travel and tourism.

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